Book Summaries

   A brief synopsis of each book available for download (or purchase) follows:  

Fifty Signs of the End Times: This book is a comprehensive study of virtually all of the end-time signs prophesied in the Bible. Evidence is presented demonstrating that there never has been another time in world history where so many end-time signs have coalesced as the time in which we now live. There are no additional signs that must occur prior to the Rapture of the Church. This book is available for purchase in soft cover, hard cover and various e-book formats.  

Old Testament Survey:  When I decided to begin my teaching the Bible in earnest, a survey of the Old Testament was the first lecture series that I undertook.  I decided to turn my lecture notes on this subject into this book.  Simply put, this treatise is a brief presentation covering all of the major characters and events in the Old Testament.  

The Life of Christ: In this book, I presented a chronological description of the greatest life ever lived on this earth... the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  My goal was to have it take the form of a narrative, biographical story that takes the reader through our Lord's most interesting, critially important, yet short lifetime on this earth.  All four gospels were combined.  This is often referred to as a "harmony of the gospels."  All of the words of Christ are included... although they are not repeated if they appeared in more than one gospel.  A brief commentary is also included as the story unfolds.    

Acts and the New Testament Church: This book covers three major areas.  First, the book of Acts, written by Luke, is reviewed in detail.  This reviews the very early days of the Church Age from Pentecost up unitl the late A.D. 60s.  The missionary journeys of Paul (including the journey after his first Roman imprisonment) are covered, as well as the purported experiences of the other apostles.  The second portion of this book discusses the growth and development of Christianity from the latter 1st to the early 5th century.  Finally, the epistles and The Revelation of Jesus Christ are surveyed to give a better understanding of the principles, ideas, and goals of the Christian Church.  

The Uniqueness of Christianity: This fairly short treatise covers in some detail most of the current popular religious systems showing just how unique Christianity is when compared to all other religions.  Ten specific religions were chosen for comparison... most of the remaining religions are subsets of one or more of those ten.  The book addresses four aspects of each religion:    

  • The origin and history of each religion's scriptures and belief system are presented.
  • The characteristics of God in each religion are given.
  • Each religion's concept of heaven, eternity, and salvation are noted.
  • Evidence for and against the veracity of each religion is then presented.

The conclusion is quite evident.  Christianity is the one true religion.    

Job and the Problem of Pain: Certainly one of the more common reasons given for a lack of belief in the God of the Christian religion is the obvious pain and suffering that is so clearly seen to exist in the world we live in.  The basic argument goes something like this, "How can a loving God allow so much pain and misery into the lives of the people He supposedly loves with an infinite love?"  I wrote this book to suggest an answer to this question.  This book is divided into three sections: a presentation of the answer most often given by Christian theologians, a discussion of the "value of pain", and a commentary on the answers to this question that God gives, as found in the ancient book of Job.  

The Book of Romans: A Commentary: The Book of Romans is considered by the majority of theologians to be the Magnum Opus of Paul's epistles.  It is critical for our understanding of God's plan of salvation from the time of Adam to the present day.  Paul wanted to make sure that the new Christians in Rome understood clearly what it meant to be a follower of Christ.  He went into great detail to explain the full meaning of the gospel.  The book that I wrote is essentially a verse by verse commentary on this great epistle.  

The Book of Hebrews - A Commentary: The Book of Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians to explain with great passion and clarity why the decision to follow Jesus is the correct one, far better than any other choice that a person could ever make.  Some of the Jews of that time were beginning to doubt their decision to follow the Lord.  Many of their fellow Christians had already paid the ultimate price for their belief in Jesus.  The writer to the Hebrews wrote to assure them that this decision would never be in vain.  A discussion of the over-arching superiority of Christ is then presented; the New Covenant is far superior to the Old Covenant.  

A Comprehensive Analysis of Prophecy: Past, Present, and Future: By far the most comprehensive treatise that I have written concerns the topic of prophecy, especially that aspect referred to as eschatology.  Eschatology is the study of the prophecy of end-time events.  I divided this book into four sections as follows:1. Evidence is given to clearly demonstrate many and varied reasons people should believe the Bible when it gives these end-time prophecies.2. An entire section is devoted to understanding differing Christian views concerning the proper method(s) to interpret end-time prophecy.  There are significant disagreements on this topic among Christians.3. Evidence is given to demonstrate the likely fact that we are currently living in the last days. 4. Detailed commentaries are presented on two important prophetic books, Zechariah and The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  A reasonable scenerio of future end-  time events is also proposed.  

Doctrines of the Bible - A Concise Encyclopedia: Since so many Christians have very little knowledge of the Bible, I wanted to write a comprehensive, yet fairly concise encyclopedia on more than forty important doctrines of the Bible. Over the years, I have encountered countless numbers of professing Christians who did not even know what they needed to do to be saved! Any person who reads this book will have a much greater understanding of the triune God and His providential plan for the universe... including His plan for mankind.    

Power Point Presentations: For nine of the books mentioned above, there is a corresponding Power Point presentation.  Each line in each slide corresponds to successive paragraphs in the books.  To prepare for a lecture, simply identify which line on every given slide corresponds to the appropriate paragraph or Bible verse in the text.  Certainly, feel free to add or subtract as you deem necessary to better prepare for your presentation.  These Power Point slides will hopefully serve as a good starting point.  In fact, they may be all that many will need.         I suggest that teachers may well want to add their own pictures, maps, and illustrations to the Power Point slides I have provided.  I had to delete many that I use myself, as there are certain companies that do not allow the uploading of their slides.  However, they do encourage the purchase of their products for use in local teaching classes and presentations.  For example, Rose Publishing has fine products available on their web site.  If anyone knows of any slide that should not be on this site, please let me know and I will remove it.  Note:  Please report any significant errors or comments about these works to me using the e-mail page on this web site.  This could include typos, factual errors, or possible theological errors.  I will notify readers of this web site when any noteworthy error has been found.  Of course, they will also be corrected.

Conclusion:  It is my sincere wish that many students of the Bible will find the materials available on this site useful in their pursuit of our Lord's admonition to "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."  (2 Timothy 2:15)