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  Welcome Truth Seekers, Bible students and teachers.  This web site has been created to give me the opportunity to share the biblical teaching materials that I have written over the course of the last several years.  Many hours have been spent in study while gaining the necessary information and background to write the ten books and nine Power Point presentations that appear in this site.  All are available for download.  In September 2012, my book, Fifty Signs of the End Times, was published.  In February 2013, I was interviewed on the Herman and Sharron Bailey Show (Christian Television Network) concerning this book.  The interview was then uploaded to youtube.  For those who would like to learn more about this end-time book, simply click on the following link: [H&SBaileyShow] For those people who desire to purchase this book, please click on the "Download and Viewing" icon above.  On that page, a link is provided to to allow for perusal and purchase of this book. Other links have also been provided to enable the reading of all of my other books and slide presentations. While on the "download & viewing" page a simple click of the mouse will open each book and slide show for your immediate perusal and/or download.  Although these materials have been created for my use as a Bible teacher, many may find the books a worthwhile source for individual study as well.  Each book serves as the lecture note material for a corresponding slide presentation.  Of course, all of the slide shows are offered for the use of all interested teachers, as well as students of the Word.  
           I have chosen the subject material for these books (lectures) purposefully.  One of these books was written to show why the Christian religion is the only religion that worships the one true, loving God of the universe.  As will be noted, there is also a complete review of the entire Bible available... in three additional books.  Two commentaries are also presented, one on the book of Romans and another on the book of Hebrews.  These two books are critical to an understanding of the New Covenant and the gospel message (made clear in the book of Romans) as well as the superiority of this New Covenant and the vital importance of an unwavering faith in the Lord of this Covenant, Jesus Christ (presented in the book of Hebrews).  A discussion of the book of Job delves into the perplexing topic of why a loving God would allow so much pain (both emotional and physical) into the lives of those He loves so much.  I also wrote a very comprehensive book on Bible prophecy, past, present, and future.  This book is quite extensive and will provide a good background in this interesting topic.  Emphasis is placed on the topic of eschatology (end-times prophecy). My published book, Fifty Signs of the End Times, is a comprehensive look at all of the recent events that suggest strongly that the return of our Lord is very close at hand. The most recent book I have written is on the topic of systematic theology. Far too many Christians have only minimal knowledge of the Bible. Frankly, many do not even know why they are saved or, if they are saved. A careful reading of my book, Doctrines of the Bible, will clearly explain over forty important biblical doctrines, including the doctrines of the atonement and salvation.              
          The next few pages will provide further explanation of these materials and the opportunity for their viewing and download.  The last page is an e-mail page... for those who would like to communicate with me with any suggestions, corrections, or questions.