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    Nine of my books and Power Point presentations are available for download in pdf format below.  For those desiring to use any of the slide presentations for a teaching aid, just e-mail me for the proper format (pptx) required for this purpose. Fifty Signs of the End Times may be purchased on Amazon.com and other retail vendors. The link just below will take the reader directly to Amazon.com where this book can be viewed and purchased. For anyone who desires to read any one of these books while online, simply click to the right of the book on the word "View." A nice link will open on your screen allowing you to read each book in a font size of your choosing.

Fifty Signs of the End Times... Are We Living in the Last Days?  (click to purchase)        

Books Available for Download:                               for Viewing                   Slide Presentations for Download:                  

Old Testament Survey                                                 View                         Old Testament Survey
The Life of Christ                                                         View                         The Life of Christ
Acts and the New Testament Church                          View                         Acts and the New Testament Church
The Uniqueness of Christianity                                   View                         The Uniqueness of Christianity
Job and the Problem of Pain                                       View                         Job and the Problem of Pain
Romans - A Commentary                                            View                         Romans - A Commentary
Hebrews - A Commentary                                           View                          Hebrews - A Commentary
A Comprehensive Analysis of Biblical Prophecy         View                          A Comprehensive Analysis of Biblical Prophecy
Doctrines of the Bible - A Concise Encyclopedia         View                         Doctrines of the Bible - A Concise Encyclopedia


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